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The AcuSpike Team Trainer is a new multi-ball, self-reloading volleyball spike and vertical jump training machine designed for team or individual use.

AcuSpike's innovative ball reloading system and reload hopper allow for endless hitting; when one ball is hit, another ball is automatically loaded in position for the next hitter, with no human intervention required.


An adjustable hand crank and ruled height indicator make it easy to set and monitor vertical jump progress.


A Valuable Training Tool

Volleyball coaches know hitting skills are not developed overnight, taking years of playing experience for a player to master the correct footwork, approach, and arm swing to maximize their hitting potential.  AcuSpike accelerates this process, providing the hitter with a predictable and easily adjustable target.

Whether an athlete trains with weights, a stop watch, or a baseball pitching machine, the key to perfecting and improving any skill is repeatable and measurable increases.  AcuSpike makes it easy to track individual progress over time, including maximum vertical jump while maintaining a downward ball trajectory.

Repetitions and Conditioning

Traditionally, hitters could only practice hitting with the assistance from a setter or coach.  What's more, younger athletes often don't fully develop their volleyball approach until they can clear the net.  AcuSpike makes it possible to train without a setter, and with or without a net, at your convenience.

Expert volleyball players will find the AcuSpike useful as an endurance, conditioning, and vertical jump training tool.  With AcuSpike, an athlete can exercise their approach and jumping limits to exhaustion, with measured feedback.


Most coaches agree that among the hardest skills to teach in volleyball are proper approach, jump, and arm swing; and then getting a player to do them all at the same time becomes a whole new challenge.

AcuSpike makes the job easier by providing a consistent target; it will give you the freedom to really focus on other fundamentals of the volleyball attack.

Monitor Progress

To meet every hitter’s personal training targets, AcuSpike's height can be adjusted easily between 6 ft and 11ft (ground to the top of the ball).  AcuSpike lets experienced volleyball players fine tune their technique, by monitoring vertical jump or hitting force in response to changes.  It can be also used to test vertical jump height.

See the Ball Trajectory

Since AcuSpike releases every ball, you see the trajectory and power of every hit, giving you valuable feedback.  Nearly all of the energy of each hit is transferred to the ball, which means that AcuSpike is instantly ready for the next hitter, with no machine vibration.

AcuSpike ball grippers are made from a thick, high compression foam, with contoured shapes for improved performance, and covered with ripstop nylon for maximum durability.  The gripper rods are made from durable and flexible fiberglass, similar to tent poles.

Built to Last

The AcuSpike trainer is extremely sturdy, constructed with high strength carbon steel and engineered to withstand years of use by the most intensive high school, club, collegiate, or national level teams.  Its heavy-duty assembly and integrated ballast system ensure it will not vibrate or move when struck. In addition, industrial grade casters with two-way locking mechanisms (swivel and roll) allow one person to easily move, lock down, or put away the AcuSpike. The reload hopper is made from high-strength nylon.  AcuSpike is committed to quality, innovation, and building the world's undisputed best volleyball spike and vertical jump trainer.



A Consistent Target, Every Time
AcuSpike lets you isolate and concentrate on improving your approach technique.  Minor changes to footwork, arm swing, and strength and conditioning product real maximum vertical jump results.  AcuSpike eliminates other variables and holds a perfect set, accurately tracking your progress.

Use AcuSpike for Team Training or Individual Practice
Group drills with coaches, private lessons with an instructor, or individual practice after hours.  It's all possible with AcuSpike.

Gravity-Powered Ball Rail and Ball Feeder
AcuSpike will buffer and automatically reload twelve balls at a time.  It is no problem to load while another person is hitting.

Adjustable, Bi-directional Hand Crank
Just turn the self-locking crank to raise or lower the ball to near infinite resolution.

Compatible with Men's, Women's, or Youth Net Heights
Adjustable from 6 ft to 11 ft (ground to top of the ball), you can start AcuSpike training with any age group or height.

Ruled Height Indiciators Measure Your Progress
Set personal training goals for your vertical jump.  AcuSpike's main height indicator will show you the distance from ground to the top of the ball.  If you're training without a net, two additional ruled indicators show you how far the bottom of the ball would have cleared a women's or men's net.  English and metric indicators are both available.

Powder Coated Finish
All AcuSpike painted surfaces are powder coated. This is the premier standard for creating the best aesthetic, durability, and longevity. Powdercoating is applied electrostatically and cured under heat to create a hard finish that is tougher than conventional paint.


AcuSpike Weighted Base
The weighted base provides vibration-free stability, no matter how hard you hit the ball.

Foam Ball Gripper
The ball grip is made of a soft yet durable foam which will compress if accidentally struck.

Locking Casters
Step on the foot switch to lock swivel and roll, and lift the switch to move the AcuSpike again.

Position AcuSpike Anywhere on Your Court
Vary the ball height and distance off the net depending on the type of drill you want to run.  Roll the unit off the court when finished, or remove the upper rail for easy storage.  When lowered, AcuSpike's base will roll through a standard height door.

Set up AcuSpike on Either Side of the Net
You can place AcuSpike on either side of the net, facing center.  Either way will accommodate right and left-handed hitters.

Loading the Hopper
It's easy and fun to load the hopper, for endless hitting.

Ball Catcher Accessory
Our ball catcher accessory funnels all struck balls into a ball cart, do you don't waste time shagging balls, also allowing for solo practice.

AcuSpike Volleyball Spike Training System
AcuSpike represents the next generation in volleyball spike and vertical jump training systems.  An investment in AcuSpike will yield the best, tangible results for you and your team.



Volleyball training equipment custom powder coated colors

Custom Powder Coated Color and Logos

Show your school or club spirit by customizing your AcuSpike.

All AcuSpike painted surfaces are powdercoated with a high quality 3 mil. powdercoat. This type of finish is the premier standard for creating the best aesthetic, durability, and longevity. Powdercoating is applied electrostatically and then cured under heat to create a hard finish that is tougher than conventional paint.

The base frame, which is expected to be handled for rolling the unit, is textured during the powdercoat process for a rippled finish, while the rail and upper post have a glossy finish.

With the custom powder coated color and logo option, the red powder coated finish (rail assembly and base) is changed to a color of your choice.  The nylon hopper fabric color is also changed to match.

Choose from over 75 color options.

Also, send us any logo in Illustrator format, and we'll build your decal into two sides of the AcuSpike base.



AcuSpike Trainer Comparison
  Individual Trainer Team Trainer
(Coach's Box)
Team Trainer
(Space Saver)
Adjustment Method Hinge & Lockpin Bi-Directional Crank Bi-Directional Crank
Time to Adjust 3 in. (approx.) 3 minutes 5 seconds 5 seconds
Adjustment Increments 2 inches Less than 0.1 inch Less than 0.1 inch
Ruled Height Indicators No Yes (3) Yes (3)
Court Positioning Method Fold, Tilt, Roll Locking Casters Locking Casters
Footprint Size for Storage Smaller (4.2 sq ft) Larger (11.7 sq ft) Smaller (5.2 sq ft)
Ball Capacity 5 12 12
Adjustment Range 3 to 12 ft 6 to 11 ft 6 to 11 ft


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